How Are You Doing?

Forecasting Methods & Financial Trend Analysis

A New Approach to Measuring Performance Over Time

How Are You Doing?  is a “book” that describes in detail why and how seasonally adjusting your data will lead to a much better understanding of performance over time, for almost any given metric.  I describe it as a “book” — in quotes — as it comes in the form of a PowerPoint presentation.

Executive Summary

59 pages
42-minute audio

For managers and executives, this overview describes the hazards of typical reporting that relies on comparison with Plan or year-over-year to inform you how you’re doing.  It also quickly describes how seasonally-adjusting your data works, and how it can give you much greater understanding about how you’ve done in the past, where you’re at today, and where you’re heading in future.

Download Text  (Word Doc.)

Includes all book text without the imagery.

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