Consulting Services

Economic Consulting & Forecasting Techniques


Develop daily and monthly models that measure growth and data shifts.  Adjust for seasonality, calendar effect, and other predictable noise that confuse reading performance.


  • Clarify how you’re doing today and how you got here.
  • Quickly identify when a major event has occurred.
  • Avoid hazards of comparing your performance with Plan, or prior year.


Price Elasticity & Customer Retention

Learning from History

Examine your history to gain insights into past events that have shaped your performance and provide helpful guidance going forward.


  • Know your price elasticity, so you can better plan for price change impact.
  • Objective measurement of impact from marketing campaigns, new products, etc.
  • Measure lost business when negative event occurs.
  • Improve management of customer cost.


Economic Consulting & Forecasting Techniques


Draw upon lessons learned from trending historical data, generate forecasts that clarify the underlying trend and quantify upcoming events that will drive growth and results.


  • Identify and quantify key drivers of future performance.
  • Greater confidence in projections and plans.
  • As appropriate, ability to better determine why future performance differs from forecast.


The techniques employed for trending, analyzing, forecasting, and problem solving can be applied to virtually any industry.  I have substantial experience working in education, health care, telecommunications, insurance and banking.